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In the American South there is a tradition (amongst mostly women who are or have been pregnant) of eating white dirt to quiet an odd and insatiable craving…

Initial round of design ideas for 2014’s quirky Southern documentary, “Eat White Dirt”, a film by Adam Freeman. Cutestreak Designs, 2014!


Backstage, the message was clear that the show was about to take place in the city of Light, Paris. Glamorous ELIE SAAB women prepared for the debut of a jewel-toned collection that didn’t stand shy from the prismic reflections of crystal chandeliers. #PalaisDesLumières


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Clean the happy fat vats yourself, Mr. Egg ::DIIIIIIIP::


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Life story

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La celda de Bob


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Joel Luschek (portrayed by Matt Peters) on Orange is the New Black! Portrait by me!


scary stories to tell in the dark

Unnecessarily scary illustrations

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